The host of the 2016 CIBJO Congress, the Armenian Jewellers Association (AJA), is a non-governmental organization and one of Armenia’s very first professional associations. Since its inception in 1998, its purpose has been to connect Armenian jewellers to their counterparts and markets around the world, and help develop the country’s jewellery industry.

AJA has regional representatives in Armenia, both the East Coast and West Coast of the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and Australia.

AJA members have created an efficient platform for networking, exchanging ideas and expanding their professional relationships. The association makes every effort to keep Armenian jewellers abreast of all educational and professional programmes, special events, exhibitions, conferences and relevant investment projects.

AJA also initiated and implemented a large-scale project in Armenia,  the establishment of Meridian Jewellery Free Economic Zone, where the 2016 CIBJO Congress is being held.

The international jewellery exhibition, the Yerevan Show, which from this year will be held jointly with RESTEC JUNWEX Russian Media Holding, is another major project of AJA in Armenia.

AJA is headed by Gagik Gevorkyan, who also is the Chairman of Russian Jewellers Guild and Advisor to the President of Armenia about the development of the jewellery industry.