CIBJO Coral Commission reports on creation of Coral Guide for the Italian Customs organisation

Coral Commission President Vicenzo Liverino (right) in conversation with Rui Galopim De Carvalho, the commission’s newly elected Vice President, during the body’s session in Bangkok at the 2017 CIBJO Congress.

November 6, 2017

The CIBJO Coral Commission has produced a guide for the classification and identification of coral materials for the Italian Customs organization, reported commission president Vicenzo Liverino during the body’s meeting at the 2017 CIBJO Congress.

“This was because they don’t know how to classify precious coral, so we prepared it,” Mr. Liverino said. “It helps the government.” The new guide is available in English, Italian and Thai, but it may also be translated into German, French and Japanese. Prepared during the course of the past year, the content is compliant with edition of the CIBJO Coral Blue Book prior to this congress.

“It is not for retailers, as it is too complicated, but rather for customs organisations and governments,” Mr. Liverino explained.

During the Coral Commission session in Bangkok, Mr. Liverino reported that very few changes had been made to the Coral Blue Book over the past year and during its steering committee meeting, because a great deal of work had been done on it the previous year.

A movie was screened during the session about the repopulation of precious coral in protected zones in Japanese deep waters, which was a project undertaken by local NGOs.

Mr Liverino congratulated Justin Hunter from Fiji and the Japanese representatives for their work in coral protection. “They are going ahead with these projects of coral repopulation and there is already a big difference with growth in the protected areas.” He also announced that Justin Hunter has been added as a member of the Coral Commission Steering Committee. Also, an Italian diver’s association will become part of a project that the CIBJO Coral Commission is developing for the sustainability of both common and precious coral.

Rui Galopim de Carvalho spoke about Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Inspired by an online course on cultured pearls promoted by the Cultured Pearl Association of America, the Coral Commission will gather a group of members who will decide what type of curriculum should be included in a 60 to 90-minute online course to educate retailers on coral as a product, as well as to convey CSR and sustainability matters, he said.

“This is a very user friendly and engaging type of video format and could be used for other commissions. This would be a good way of showing what we are doing, at CIBJO, on a laptop and mobile devices. We haven’t yet decided on the content. During the year the Coral Commission will discuss and brainstorm the idea to create an example that will be ready for next congress. The Marketing & Education Commission was in favour and supportive,” he said.

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