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CIBJO General Assembly elects CIBJO officers for next two years, concludes 2017 congress

November 7, 2017 Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri was elected to another two-year term as President, and for the first time, three Vice Presidents were elected: Roland Naftule of the United States, Eli Avidar of Israel, and Corrado Facco of Italy. Marc-Alain Christen of Switzerland was reconfirmed as the organisation’s Chief Financial Officer and a new Board of Directors was elected, also for a two-year term.

Sector A told changes to Blue Books only to take place every three years

November 7, 2017 It was agreed that the Gemstone Book and the Diamond Book will not be changed for the next three years, while the Coral Book along with the Pearl Book will be up for revision in two years, and then every three years thereafter. The Gemmological Book will be changed next year.

CIBJO Coral Commission reports on creation of Coral Guide for the Italian Customs organisation

November 6, 2017 Noting that the customs guide may be too complicated for members of the retail trade, it is designed to serve the needs of government customs agents. It is currently available in English, Italian and Thai, and translations into German, French and Japanese are also possibilities.

Ethics Commission provides update on industry forum initiating grass-roots sustainability projects

November 6, 2017 The commission received a report on the Jewellery Industry Summit in the United States, of which one outcome was the creation of the Jewellery Development Index, which is being developed by students in cooperation with the U.S. State Department to assess the comparative impact of the jewellery industry on people's lives in different countries.

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