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CIBJO Marketing & Education Commission releases jewellery industry employee recruitment and retention guide

November 6, 2017 The 60-page publication contains self-contained guides and templates for application to businesses, as well as insights from industry figures from around the world. It will shortly be made available for downloading on the CIBJO website.

In presence of Thai prime minister, CIBJO President endorses Thailand’s central role in jewellery and gemstone industry

November 6, 2017 'For members of the jewellery industry, the undisputed entry point into the ASEAN Economic Community is Bangkok, and that puts Thailand into a very powerful place, on condition that it is able to defend its market position in the region,' said Dr. Cavalieri.

Special session searches for solutions to coloured stone supply chain integrity

November 5, 2017 'You have to start with: first, don't do any harm. Don't harm the people you want to regulate. If you are going to ban child labour or other bad practices, then you have to find alternative work for them. Perhaps we can help as an industry to provide Africans with wells for clean drinking water,' said gem expert Richard Hughes.

Coloured Gemstone Commission appoints group to simplify Blue Book for jewellery industry

November 5, 2017 'Retailers in touch with consumers are finding it too detailed and complex. The idea is to create a simplified book,' said Charles Abouchar, Vice President of the Coloured Stone Commission, referring to the Coloured Stone Blue Book.

Gemmological Commission discusses harmonisation of colour nomenclature and undeterminable treatments

November 5, 2017 A document was discussed that compared standards for terms such as royal blue and pigeon's blood red that are currently in use at various labs. The question is not whether CIBJO accepts the use of such terms, but rather that it intends factual information and creating more transparency regarding what is currently going on.

CIBJO Congress kicks off with debate on CSR challenges and opportunities

November 5, 2017 CIBJO President Gaetano proposed developing a structure for rough coloured gemstones, involving a combination of government monitoring and self-administered due diligence, which will enable the industry to demonstrate the integrity of its chain of distribution.

CIBJO President discuss CSR in coloured gemstone sector at inaugural World Ruby Forum

November 5, 2017 'The fact that it is more difficult to monitor the origins and flow of coloured gemstones in the pipeline does not means that the trade will get a special pass from NGOs, the media or socially-aware millennial consumers,' said the CIBJO President.

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