U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s revised guide for the jewelry industry is focused on by the Diamond Commission at the CIBJO Congress

October 16, 2018 An overview of the changes that the United States' FTC published in its jewellery guides are believed by industry groups to be skewed in favour of the synthetic diamond trade. Despite this, the commission did not feel there was any necessity at this stage to amend the Diamond Blue Book.

Coloured Gemstone Commission focuses on opinions in gemstone reports, Do’s and Dont’s and simplified guides

October 15, 2018 The dilemma of separating empirical facts and the professional opinion of gemmologists on gemstone reports came under focus in the Coloured Stone Commission, which met on the first day of the CIBJO Congress.

Blockchain comes under the spotlight, as specialist panel discusses how innovative technology may affect the jewellery industry

October 15, 2018 The objective of the session was to investigate the significance and possible impacts of Blockchain in general, and more specifically in terms of the technology's applications in the jewellery and gemstone sectors.

2018 CIBJO Congress opens in Bogotá, Colombia, with strong focus on responsible sourcing in jewellery sector

October 15, 2018 This included the introduction of a Responsible Sourcing Guidance document, which will serve as a reference for responsible sourcing practices developed and applied by industry organisations and commercial bodies worldwide, and will come to have the status of a CIBJO Blue Book. To oversee the process, a Responsible Sourcing Commission was established.

CIBJO presents Responsible Sourcing Guidance, standardising manner in which jewellery and gemstone firms should implement supply-chain due diligence

October 15, 2018 Philip Olden, head of the CIBJO Responsible Sourcing Guidance Project, said it was done to support and provide guidance to all CIBJO members, especially manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

Special CSR Session at CIBJO Congress focuses on issues facing companies in the supply chain

October 15, 2018 'There is no debate in our industry whether we should act and seen to be acting responsibly, be it to our employees, customers, stakeholders and the wider society socially, environmentally and in terms of the way we do business,' CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri said.

In opening speech to 2018 CIBJO Congress, President Gaetano Cavalieri says jewellery industry must adapt to change

October 15, 2018 Dramatic changes have taken place in the business, technological and geopolitical environments, and the jewellery and gemstone industries need to adapt in order to survive and prosper, the CIBJO President said.

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