CIBJO Congress 2019 wraps up in Bahrain with creation of Laboratory-Grown Diamond and Technology Committees

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 The 2019 CIBJO Congress has concluded in Bahrain, with the Board of Directors voting to establish a series of new committees, among them one that will be dedicated to establishing operating practices that are specific to the laboratory-grown diamond trade, and another which will focus on the long-term impacts of new technologies on the jewellery, gemstone and precious metals sectors.

Precious Metals Commission considers consequences of increasing government scrutiny in the United States

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 Over the past half year, the U.S. government has been signalling its intention to increase scrutiny of the jewellery trade, to ensure that it is complying with Anti-Money Laundering and other measures to prevent malign activity.

Gemmological Commission focuses on update of commercial colour-terms guidance document

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 Colour-terms used by the commercial bodies to define certain coloured gemstones have long been an issue of contention in gemmological circles, where specialists are concerned that few if any universal standards have been created to protect consumers.

Pearl Commission focuses on American request to reconsider use of word’ cultured,’ as well as Keshi terminology

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 With the 2019 CIBJO Congress taking place in Bahrain, a historic pearling centre and most probably the world’s most prolific producer of natural pearls, the request by an American association that the use of the word “cultured” be reconsidered came to many as a surprise.

DNA fingerprinting report becomes focus of discussion during Coral Commission session in Bahrain

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 A fingerprinting is a powerful tool for species identification and possibly geographic determination, and has proven effective if addressing misconceptions that reef coral is the same as precious coral.

Ethical practices and gold supply chain concerns focus of CIBJO Ethics Commission

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 Commission President Tiffany Stevens said that the emphasis on ethical business practices has evolved in the last year or so. There is an increasing reliance on international frameworks and standards, such as the the OECD principles that are referenced the new CIBJO Responsible Sourcing Blue Book.

CIBJO Congress conducts special Fei Cui special session, looking to create international standards for trade in jade products

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 Some CIBJO members expressed their surprise at the size of the market which is estimated to be worth more than eight billion dollars, making Fei Cui the world’s largest gem category after diamonds. Almost all sales take place in China and other eastern markets.

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