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Employee recruitment, motivation and retention guide for jewellery industry now available for downloading via CIBJO website

DECEMBER 13, 2017: The 60-page book provides a practical approach to the employment and induction of professional staff, reward and recognition systems for motivating and retaining valued employees, and problem solving.

CIBJO President expresses support for De Beers plan to develop diamond traceability system based on blockchain technology

DECEMBER 7, 2017: When operational, it should enable a diamond’s journey through the value chain to be recorded in a secure digital registry by all parties handling the stone, thus creating a transparent method of traceability that is accessible to the entire gemstone and jewellery business.

CIBJO concludes successful 2017 congress in Bangkok, strong focus on responsible sourcing of coloured gemstones

NOVEMBER 8, 2017: The three-day event, running from November 5 through 7, brought from around the world some 150 official delegates and a total about 300 participants, and covered a wide range of issues on the agenda of the international gemstone and jewellery industry.

CIBJO, WFDB and IDMA agree to harmonise Diamond Blue Book and IDC nomenclature

NOVEMBER 7, 2017: CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) have fulfilled the final stage of an agreement, by which the nomenclature used by the International Diamond Council (IDC) will now be harmonised with that of CIBJO's Diamond Blue Book.

CIBJO Congress 2017 set to kick off in Bangkok on November 5, agendas and related documentation now online

OCTOBER 31, 2017: The schedule of the CIBJO Congress includes a series of meetings of different working groups, called sectors and commissions, each of which focuses on a different sector or field of interest in the jewellery industry.

CIBJO releases Coral Commission’s Special Report, calls for campaign to differentiate between precious and non-precious coral

OCTOBER 25, 2017: Precious coral varieties are harvested in a responsible and sustainable manner, but some non-precious varieties are seeing their numbers dwindle as a result of climate change, the report states.

CIBJO releases Pearl Commission’s Special Report, discusses prevalence of deceptive claims in social media

OCTOBER 18, 2017: The report looks at a worrying trend, evident largely in the social media, by which marketing imply that a stone is natural, by omitting the world natural, and sometimes state directly coloured freshwater pearls are natural.

CIBJO releases Gemmology Commission’s Special Report, looking at how labs should act when evidence of treatment is not definitive

OCTOBER 11, 2017: The report looks at issues on the agenda of the gemmological community, including guidelines for colour terms like “royal blue” and “pigeon blood red,” and the way in which possible undetermined treatments can be explained on laboratory reports.