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CIBJO President promotes international acceptance of CIBJO Blue Books as the common frame of reference for jewellery standards and nomenclature

MARCH 6, 2018: Speaking at an industry seminar in Hong Kong, CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has urged both government authorities and jewellery and gemstone associations to incorporate the standards and nomenclature contained in the CIBJO Blue Books into their respective national guidelines.

Diamond and jewellery organisations present ‘Diamond Terminology Guideline,’ setting universal standard for communicating about diamonds and synthetic diamonds

JANUARY 30, 2018: Nine of the leading diamond and jewellery industry organisations jointly released guidelines to encourage full, fair and effective use of a clear and accessible terminology for diamonds and synthetics diamonds by all sector bodies, organisations, traders and retailers.

Russian government signs MOU with CIBJO and AWDC, aims to harmonize Russian diamond classification system with international standard

JANUARY 25, 2018: The agreement was signed on January 24, 2018, in the Russian capital by Alexei Vladmirovich Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation, Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO, and Stephane Fischler, President of AWDC.

Precious objects sourced from the sea could be beacons of sustainability, ‘Green and Blue’ seminar attendees discover in Vicenza

JANUARY 23, 2018: In a planet threatened by uncontrolled climate change, the jewellery industry could come to be recognized as a beacon of sustainability and positive environmentalism. This was the message emanating from a seminar co-organized by CIBJO and the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG).

Pearls and coral to be placed in the spotlight at CIBJO/IEG seminar on environmentally, socially and economically sustainable jewellery

JANUARY 10, 2018: Titled “Green and Blue Jewellery, Environmentally Sustainable Luxury,” it is being organised by CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, and the Italian Exhibition Group, and will take place on January 22.

Employee recruitment, motivation and retention guide for jewellery industry now available for downloading via CIBJO website

DECEMBER 13, 2017: The 60-page book provides a practical approach to the employment and induction of professional staff, reward and recognition systems for motivating and retaining valued employees, and problem solving.

CIBJO President expresses support for De Beers plan to develop diamond traceability system based on blockchain technology

DECEMBER 7, 2017: When operational, it should enable a diamond’s journey through the value chain to be recorded in a secure digital registry by all parties handling the stone, thus creating a transparent method of traceability that is accessible to the entire gemstone and jewellery business.

CIBJO concludes successful 2017 congress in Bangkok, strong focus on responsible sourcing of coloured gemstones

NOVEMBER 8, 2017: The three-day event, running from November 5 through 7, brought from around the world some 150 official delegates and a total about 300 participants, and covered a wide range of issues on the agenda of the international gemstone and jewellery industry.