Vice President Eli Avidar to leave position at CIBJO, to run for political office in Israeli parliamentary election in April

FEBRUARY 7, 2019: In addition to his position at CIBJO, until 2018 Mr. Avidar and served as Executive Director of the Israel Diamond Exchange and Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Institute.

CIBJO seminar in Vicenza focuses on responsible sourcing, presents the precious coral sector as a case study for sustainability

JANUARY 22, 2019: 'Today, and for about 20 years already, it has become increasingly apparent that the ways in which we, the members of the jewellery industry, behave and impact society and the environment are also fundamental components of consumer confidence. We do not operate in a moral vacuum, where the value of the products we handle are no way connected to the businesses we run," said the CIBJO President.

CIBJO and Federation for European Education in Gemmology to focus on responsible sourcing and gemmology at conference in Vicenza

JANUARY 16, 2019: For CIBJO, the event is the latest in a series of seminars and workshops presented at VICENZAORO shows, in cooperation with IEG, focusing on issues relating to responsible business practices and sustainability in the jewellery sector.

CIBJO Board of Directors approves newest Blue Book, providing guidance for responsible sourcing in the jewellery sector

JANUARY 14, 2019: It becomes the latest in CIBJO’s Blue Book series of definitive industry guides for standards and nomenclature, joining the Blue Books for diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, precious coral, precious metals and gemmological laboratories.

CIBJO concludes 2018 congress in Bogotá, Colombia, after focusing strongly on responsible sourcing and new technologies

OCTOBER 18, 2018: The 2018 CIBJO Congress concluded yesterday in Bogotá, Colombia, after three days of official business, which followed two days of steering committee meetings. The final day of the congress was marked by a visit by Colombia’s Vice President, Marta Lucia Ramirez.

2018 CIBJO Congress opens in Bogotá, Colombia, with strong focus on responsible sourcing in jewellery sector

OCTOBER 16, 2018: The 2018 CIBJO Congress opened yesterday in the Colombian capital of Bogotá, with a strong focus on responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry. This included the introduction of a Responsible Sourcing Guidance document, which will serve as a reference for responsible sourcing practices developed and applied by industry organisations and commercial bodies worldwide, and will come to have the status of a CIBJO Book.

CIBJO President calls for the creation of government-monitored chokepoints, to verify integrity of coloured gemstones entering chain of distribution

OCTOBER 12, 2018: Gaetano Cavalieri called for the creation of government monitored chokepoints for the coloured gemstone sector, similar to national Kimberley Process Authorities that verify the identity of rough diamonds entering the global pipeline.