CIBJO releases Diamond Special Report examining issues at the faultline between natural and laboratory-grown stones

OCTOBER 2, 2019: In the report, the Diamond Commission President calls for the creation agree-to rules of engagement between the natural diamond and laboratory-grown diamond sectors in marketing their products, and warns about a readiness to pitch one as being more ethical or environmentally acceptable than the other.

CIBJO releases Precious Metals Special Report, looks at market drivers, trends and increased scrutiny

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019: The report examines the increasing readiness of national authorities, particularly in the United States, to examine the integrity of the gold supply chain. It also provides an overview of supply, demand and their effect on prices in the gold, platinum, palladium and silver markets.

CIBJO releases Responsible Sourcing Special Report, describes principles applicable to all members of industry

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019: The report looks at CIBJO's new Responsible Sourcing Blue Book, which defines a universally agreed-to set of recommended responsible sourcing principles, which can be applied by all members of the greater jewellery industry, at their own pace.

CIBJO releases Marketing & Education Special Report, analyzes next great jewellery-buying generation

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019: ACommunicating predominantly via the social media, studies show that Generation Z is more environmentally conscious and gender neutral than any generation that preceded it. It celebrates authenticity, diversity and human imperfection.

Technological solutions for sustainability and responsible sourcing spotlighted at CIBJO-IEG seminar at VICENZAORO September show

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019: A growing percentage of the jewellery, gemstone and precious metals industries have taken steps in recent years to implement sustainable and responsible sourcing principles in their businesses. But many smaller participants find it challenging to follow suit. The technologies discussed are largely being developed to address their challenges.

Standards and due diligence tools being developed to enable all industry participants source responsibly, CIBJO president says in India

AUGUST 12, 2019: All participants in the jewellery and gemstone value chain will need to come to terms with the fact that basic due diligence demonstrating that they are sourcing their supply responsibly is becoming is a regular requirement for doing business, said the CIBJO President.

CIBJO President advocates case for small business enterprises during UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

JULY 17, 2019: Sustainable economies rely on the contribution of SMEs, said Dr. Cavalieri, but too often they find themselves operating at a severe disadvantage when compared to larger companies.

CIBJO Ethics Commission President discusses sustainable jewellery options during small-island development dialogue at United Nations

JULY 15, 2019: Speaking at the 2019 Global Multi-Stakeholder SIDS Partnership Dialogue, Tiffany Stevens stressed that, for a cultured pearl farm to become an economically sustainable asset, it is essential that it also be operated in an environmentally sustainable manner.