Pearl Commission debates Unified Pearl Grading System project

Meeting in Moscow, the Pearl Commission  discussed a project being promoted by Jeanne Lecourt, a Vice President of the body, to create a Unified Pearl Grading System. She described her work over the past year, since the project was raised at the 2013 Congress, holding discussions with pearl trading companies.

Ms. Lecourt said  company representatives had been positive in their feedback, saying a universal language was needed, particularly at the retail level so that consumers received answers to their queries in the same common language wherever they are in the world.

Ms. Lecourt said she had not held talks with producers so far because she was waiting for the project to get off the ground and receive formal approval from the Pearl Commission.

The Commission had already agreed to set up a Working Group for the project at the 2013 Congress. Ms. Lecourt and Pearl Commission President Ken Scarratt invited delegates interested in being a member of the Working Group to fill in an application form.

Mr. Scarratt apologised for the one-year delay in getting the project off the ground since the past Congress, saying he had always carried out a Reason For Action exercise before going ahead with projects.

Mr. Scarratt reported to members of the Commission about changes that had been proposed to its Pearl Book. Among several changes to text were that in the weight definition, it would say: “If the drill hole of a natural pearl has been plugged, then it is important that this is stated when the weight is declared.”

Photo Caption: At the dais during the Pearl Commission meeting in Moscow, from left: Jeanne Lecourt, Pearl Commission Vice President; Shigeru Akamatsu,Pearl Commission Vice President; Kenneth Scarratt, Pearl Commission President; and Dr. Eduard Akhmetshin, of the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology in Russia.