Sector A meeting debates whether ‘modified’ is a more accurate term than ‘altered’

The meeting of CIBJO’s Sector A, which deals with gem materials in the jewellery sector, discussed at length issues relating to the term “altered,” and whether its should be changed to  “modified” in the Blue Books.

Finally, it was agreed that each of the CIBJO Sector A commissions will receive by email the changes that are proposed, and be requested to vote on them.  After a majority vote, they will be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval, after which the new versions of the Blue Books will be placed online.

Sector A President Roland Naftule said that the timeframe for making the changes will be about three months.

Following that decision, Naftule said it was important to thank the CIBJO members who carry out the Sector A work, and especially for the very intensive effort involved in updating the Blue Books.

He also raised the possibility of creating a computer and mobile application, which would feature shorter versions of the Blue Books.

Mr Naftule spoke about the CIBJO treatment disclosure codes, which are meant to used solely by members of the trade. “One of the problems is that a large part of our trade at the retail level does not disclose all the information about the jewellery items,” he stated, noting that the use of the codes would help address the problem.

Thomas Lind said that he supports full disclosure to consumers about jewelry items in order to help them make a purchasing decision. “How that information is passed on to consumers at the retail level is something they need to decide,” he stated.

Photo Caption: Voting during the CIBJO Sector A meeting.