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Stéphane Fischler, president of the World Diamond Council, looks at WDC's role, the state of the Kimberley Process, and harmonising diamond nomenclature.

CIBJO seminar in Vicenza looks at impact on jewellery industry of new EU conflict minerals legislation and strategies for dealing with its requirements

The significance and potential impact on the jewellery industry of a new EU regulation, which will control the import into the union of gold from conflict and high-risk areas, came under the spotlight at a seminar organised by CIBJO and the Italian Exhibition Group.

A partnership spanning continents brings hope to the survivors of genocide in Rwanda

This is a story about jewellery and its impact on humanity. It is a tale of rebirth through creativity and personal journey, and about a group of remarkably brave and resilient women, seeking to rebuild their lives following the devastation of civil war and genocide.

Seminar in Vicenza focuses on practical steps required to ensure responsible sourcing

Transparent methods of ensuring the integrity of the jewellery industry’s chain of distribution were the focus of a seminar held during the VICENZAORO January trade fair on January 22, 2017, in Vicenza, Italy, hosted by CIBJO, the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), and Club degli Orafi.

The next great consumer generation under the spotlight at CIBJO-Fiera di Vicenza seminar

Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennials represent one of the largest generations in history, and it is about to move into its prime spending years. The unique experiences of Millennial consumers will change the ways the jewellery industry buys, sells and communicates with its customers, requiring companies to examine how they do business.