CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, organisations and companies earning their livelihoods from jewellery, gemstones and precious metals, covering the entire industry from mine to marketplace in the various production, manufacturing, trading and retail centres.


Available both online and as downloadable PDFs, CIBJO’s Retailer’s Reference Guide is an indispensable information resource and sales tool for the staff of jewellery stores. It is being made available  at no cost.

CIBJO set up the Jewellery Industry Measurement Initiative to help companies within the jewellery industry understand their environmental impact, reduce it, and protect themselves and the industry as a whole.

The CIBJO Blue Books are definitive sets of grading standards and nomenclature for diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, precious metals, and gemmological laboratories.

Enabling all members of the jewellery and gem sector to conduct responsible sourcing due diligence on their supply chains, the Toolkit is comprised of digital files of can be downloaded at no cost and adapted by the user.

The CIBJO Guide for Classifying Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls is a 62-page illustrated document that provides an overarching view of natural and cultured pearls, from both seawater and freshwater sources.

CIBJO arranges or sponsors webinars, offered free of charge, on a range of subjects, among them gemmology and the impacts and implications for the jewellery of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.