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FEDESMERALDAS is the umbrella corporation representing the Colombian emerald industry as a whole.  Its founding members are: The Emerald Miners Association (APRECOL), the Emerald Colombian Brokers Associations (Asocoesmeral) and the Emerald Exporters Association (ACODES).

Since 2004 FEDESMERALDAS has invested in several areas to develop the emerald industry and improve the quality of life for the people living in the mining areas.

In the rural areas FEDESMERALDAS has built schools and hospitals, working with the UN´s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) agency in creating a programme through which a group of informal miners were provided training and some capital to create new business and  opportunities in the regions that they live.

Visit the Fedesmeraldas website (in Spanish):


CDTEC is the most advanced gemmological institute in Latin America. But the scope of research extends beyond the field of gemmology, and includes geology, marketing, new technologies, gemstone cutting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Its aim is to acquire and impart knowledge in every field associated with the gems and jewelry industry from mining through trading. Its   commitment is to create the tools required by actors involved in Colombia’s emerald and other gemstones supply chains.

CDTEC was founded 2004 by the Government  of Colombia and the most important Emerald Guild representatives, with the goals of  creating and sharing knowledge, nurturing new developments and implementing new innovations.

Visit the CDTEC website:

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