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CIBJO General Assembly in Vicenza, Italy, postponed to March 17 and 18, 2022

JANUARY 4, 2022: Originally scheduled to take place January 24 and 25, the announcement comes after the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), which will be hosting the CIBJO event, said that it is postponing its January VICENZAORO trade show to March 17-21, 2022, as a result of the global upsurge in COVID-19 infections that currently underway. The meeting of CIBJO General Assembly will take place in the Vicenza Exposition Centre concurrently with the trade show.

Virtual congress closes with second Marketing & Education and Ethics session, looking at handling, regulation and securing of digital data in industry

NOVEMBER 19, 2021: "Data is gold dust when used effectively; if not, it is just dust. An opinion without data is just an opinion, and if you don’t use data that you have collected, then it’s just data," stated Michael Donaldson, Facilitator, National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) JET Business Network in the United Kingdom, a panellist during the joint session.

Gemmological and biological research are both spotlighted, as Coral Commission traverses the world

NOVEMBER 18, 2021: The Coral Commission President urged members to take part in CIBJO's the Jewellery Industry Greenhouse Gas Measurement Initiative. “In addition to saving money, you can also communicate to the industry and consumers that you are working in the right direction,” Mr Liverino said.

Sustainability and its place in the Pearl Guide hold the attention of the CIBJO Pearl Commission

NOVEMBER 18, 2021: “There is a work group that is ready to create a roadmap and to share information that everyone can understand,” said Kenneth Scarratt, President of the Pearl Commission, referring to a proposal to include sustainability practices in the popular Pearl Guide.

Coloured Stone Commission considers proposed changes to definitions and descriptions of treatments in the CIBJO Blue Book

NOVEMBER 17, 2021: The commission looked proposed changes to a wide variety of subjects in the Coloured Stone Blue Book, among them proposals relating to the definition of treated gemstones, the list of gemstone treatments, surface waxing, fissure filling with oil, fissures filled with resin, and others.

Harmonization of terminology for responsible supply chain management focus of Joint Session of Marketing & Education and Ethics Commissions

NOVEMBER 16, 2021: In the first of two 2021 Virtual CIBJO Congress sessions hosted jointly by CIBJO's Marketing & Education Commission and Ethics Commission, which took place on November 15, 2021, panellists discussed the difficulty of creating universally agreed-to nomenclature for the management of responsible supply chains.

CIBJO releases Ethics Commission Special Report, focusing on legal challenge of handling consumer data

NOVEMBER 16, 2021: The Special Report looks at the growing challenge of collecting, securing and handling big data, and especially personal data harvested both online and offline from jewellery consumers.

CIBJO releases Coral Special Report focusing on gemmological and scientific research

NOVEMBER 10, 2021: The Special Report looks predominantly at research being conducted in the sector, both by gemmologists developing a colour description system, and scientists seeking to revive coral reefs, as well as dating the age of historical stocks and resources.

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