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CIBJO President guest of honour at EXPO Joya in Guadalajara, Mexico, endorses agreement promoting Latin American jewellery cooperation

OCTOBER 12, 2015: CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has drawn attention to the growing prominence of Latin America in the international jewellery business, and in particular to the role that is being played by Mexico, the region’s most valuable luxury product market.

CIBJO releases first Blue Book devoted to coral, defining globally acceptable trade and industry practices and nomenclature

OCTOBER 7, 2015: CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has released online its latest Blue Book, delineating acceptable trade practices and nomenclature for the coral industry and trade. The document was compiled by the CIBJO Coral Commission, headed by Commission President Enzo Liverino, under the auspices of CIBJO’s Sector A, which has jurisdiction over gem materials.

With measurement of carbon footprint and offsetting carbon credits, CIBJO Congress officially becomes jewellery sector’s first carbon-neutral event

AUGUST 15, 2015: With the submission of a report that carefully details the carbon footprint of this year’s CIBJO Congress, which took place in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, May 4-6, 2015, and the purchase by CIBJO of offsetting carbon credits, the annual gathering of the World Jewellery Confederation is to officially become the first-ever major event in the industry to qualify as carbon neutral.

CIBJO welcomes publication of ISO International Standard, explicitly stating that a diamond is of natural origin

JULY 27, 2015: CIBJO has welcomed the publication of ISO International Standard 18323, entitled “Jewellery — Consumer confidence in the diamond industry,” which specifies a set of permitted descriptors for the diamond industry that are designed to be understood by consumers. The new ruling by the International Standards Organisation explicitly defines a diamond as having been “created by nature” and further notes that “the denomination ‘diamond’ without further specification always implies ‘natural diamond.’”

CIBJO President lectures business school graduate students about Corporate Social Responsibility in jewellery sector

MAY14, 2015: “Socially responsibility is a way of life. It should never be considered a strategic alternative, which a business may select to increase revenue or to provide itself with a competitive advantage,” said CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri, speaking yesterday in Milan to students in the MBA Global Business and Sustainability program at ALTIS – Postgraduate Business & Society, the business school of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the largest private university in Europe and the largest Catholic University in the world.

Impact of technology for manufacturers and retailers outlined at CIBJO Sector B and C meeting

Embrace technology or expect to see your competitors take business away from you, was the message from Sector C Executive Vice President Simon Rainer at the Sector B and C gathering. He spoke about the [...]

Sector A meeting debates whether ‘modified’ is a more accurate term than ‘altered’

The meeting of CIBJO’s Sector A, which deals with gem materials in the jewellery sector, discussed at length issues relating to the term “altered,” and whether its should be changed to  “modified” in the Blue [...]


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