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CIBJO Congress 2019 in Manama, Bahrain

A comprehensive report of the 2017 CIBJO Congress in Bangkok, Thailandn with reports on all the sessions, photo galleries, videos, presentations and pre-congress special reports by the various CIBJO Commissions.

CIBJO Congress 2019 wraps up in Bahrain with creation of Laboratory-Grown Diamond and Technology Committees

NOVEMBER 18, 2019:The 2019 CIBJO Congress has concluded in Bahrain, with the Board of Directors voting to establish a series of new committees, among them one that will be dedicated to establishing operating practices that are specific to the laboratory-grown diamond trade, and another which will focus on the long-term impacts of new technologies on the jewellery, gemstone and precious metals sectors.

CIBJO Congress 2019 opens in Bahrain with focus on climate change and environmental sustainability

NOVEMBER 18, 2019:The 2019 CIBJO Congress has opened in Bahrain, with a call on the jewellery industry by CIBJO President Gaetano to take action on climate change, which he said was not an issue specific to the sector, but it is the “most important story of our time.”

CIBJO Congress 2019 set to kick off in Bahrain on November 18, agendas and related documentation now online

NOVEMBER 15, 2019:The agendas and related documentation for the various sessions and meetings that will take place during the 2019 CIBJO Congress are now available online. Contained in a Digital Binder, they can be downloaded from the dedicated congress website.

CIBJO President delivers keynote address on traceability standards at jewellery summit during Chinese Import Expo

NOVEMBER 11, 2019:If we are going to talk about systems that encompass the bulk of materials that we handle, we have to look for administrative solutions, the CIBJO President said. This means creating paper trails, or more appropriately for the world in which the live, digital trails.

CIBJO releases Coral Special Report, focuses on global warming effects and conservationism

NOVEMBER 6, 2019:The report is dominated by environmental topics, and in particular the efforts by the industry to address the impact of global warming. It also reports on the worldwide effort to protect biodiversity and the various coral species.

CIBJO releases Pearl Special Report, looks at environmental challenges and opportunities

OCTOBER 30, 2019:The report looks at the growing impact of environmental and conservationist factors on the pearl sector, noting that these pose challenges but also provide opportunities for the industry.

CIBJO President presents options for jewellery sector sustainability at Brazilian industry seminar in Rio de Janeiro

OCTOBER 24, 2019:Sustainability in a luxury product industry like jewellery will not be achieved through a single undertaking, but rather through a multitude of acts, by people and companies working together or individually, Dr. Cavalieri said.


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