Collection Magazine

Since it was established in 1998, COLLECTION Magazine has had the same mission: To promote Luxury as a state of mind. The excitement of blending together the worlds of Luxury and celebrating all that gives an emotional dimension to our daily life, makes of COLLECTION an unmatched creative venue with a unique approach. Fashion and Jewelry, Innovation and Design, Art and Culture, Beauty and Cosmetics, Perfumes and Accessories, Travels, Hotels and Spas, interact in a way that COLLECTION reader can explore the true art of today’s living.

COLLECTION is a quarterly magazine designed in two languages, Arabic and English. It has a circulation of 65,000 copies, including the 10.000 copies of the special edition for Lebanon. 70% of COLLECTION distribution is dedicated to the Gulf and the Middle East regions, the remaining being distributed in news kiosks and selective bookshops in the most important cities of Europe and the World. Furthermore,COLLECTION reports more than 15.000 subscribers worldwide.

Jewellery Outlook

Jewellery Outlook is a digital trade magazine aimed at jewellers, designers and manufacturers. It supports international jewellery trade fairs and showcases the work of up-and-coming jewellery designers, as well as the latest collections of brands.

Jewellery Outlook provides jewellery and diamond news and analysis, trade fair reports, features, blogs and video clips, and has a strong following on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.