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A comprehensive approach needed for sustainability in the pearl industry

Pearl farming differs from gemstone and mineral mining in that it is a sustainable or renewable activity, and members of pearl grass-roots communities can be expected to remain actively involved in the industry for generations to come. It, therefore, is important that these communities be provided with fair and equitable opportunities to benefit from the pearl farming enterprise, so that they will be incentivized to invest and reinvest in their future and that of the entire pearl industry. By Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO

The case for adopting procedures to encourage CSR in the international jewellery industry

Throughout the world, consumers are fast becoming more market educated and socially aware, which in turn makes their shopping patterns far more selective. Their needs are sated by their search for knowledge in supply chain transparency and responsible production processes. The internet provides the consumer with far more information than ever before and this in itself provides a growing challenge to the jewellery retail environment. How will your store and staff be chosen by the consumer to be the first port of call when they want to buy an item of jewellery? What credentials can you present to the consumer to give them the confidence to shop in your store? By Simon Ranier, Executive Vice President of CIBJO's Sector C

Unravelling and then defending the gold supply chain

In the past ten years, ethical initiatives across all levels and segments of the gold jewellery sector have flourished. The supply chain is a complex one with a proliferation of companies and individuals playing their part in bringing products to market. The result is a web of complimentary, sometimes conflicting, and often overlapping schemes, each with their own priorities, timescales, and ultimate objectives.

Conflicts, politics, shifting allegiances, vested interests and many other factors are continually re-shaping the world in which we live.

The result is a […]

High-strength alloys breathing new life into 24K jewellery

There exists in the market strong demand for 24K gold jewellery, because of precious metal’s beautiful warm colour and high purity. This is especially the case in the Far East.

From a goldsmith’s perspective, high-karat gold is very ductile and easy to work with. The downside is that it tends to be soft, so 24K jewellery is generally heavier and more prone to distortion, scratching and wear and tear. In contrast, middle and low-karat gold jewellery is stronger and harder, and also is less expensive.

Given […]

A CSR doctrine for the jewellery industry that is pertinent to our times

Almost every single item of fine jewellery that is produced today involves the combined efforts of hundreds and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people, located all over the world. Every individual or company who was in some way responsible for the manufacture of a piece of jewellery, from the miner to the refinery worker, to the diamond cutter and the jewellery designer, depends upon the work and the integrity of those came before them, as well as those who come after them in the supply chain.

If […]

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