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CIBJO a critical player in securing the jewellery industry’s future

What is CIBJO, and what does the organisation do for me? These are among the questions that people usually ask when CIBJO is mentioned. CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, is active throughout the world and is the only organisation representing the entire global jewellery industry. So how is it that CIBJO is not known by more people? The answers may be complex, but the industry itself is the key.

CIBJO is financed by very modest subscriptions by members in 43 nations and from contributions by Associate Members. […]

Corporate Social Responsibility strategies for the jewellery industry

In the current business environment, CSR is no longer is practice that one chooses to follow or not. It has become a required component of every company and organization in the industry, which individually must be able to describe its approach, and if possible quantify it.

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